HOUSEPLANTS is an experimental documentary exploring displacement, abandonment, and death told through the eyes of unwanted plants.

for the last three years i’ve been obsessively gathering abandoned plants and weaning them back to health. my house is full to the brim. roots are sinking into my walls and circling the ceiling. if i google their names i’m cheating - i want to understand their needs without seeking instruction. light, water, light, water, rotate, shift, spray, sing. sometimes textures are easier to read than words.

disenchanted by traditional structures and endlessly fascinated by brief monetary exchanges with strangers met online, i am in the process of conducting interviews with people on craigslist who are giving away their well loved plants. although mainly focusing on those who are cornered into moving against their will, i’m exploring the many reasons why people choose to part with living organisms that they have taken care of for many years.

a seemingly delicate balance of external caretaking and internal turmoil, constantly asking :::
who has the stronger death drive when you’re both thirsty and covered in dirt?